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Programs for Indian IB Schools

Indian IB Schools

We offer Indian IB schools short-duration programs both within India and abroad.

Abroad programs: Through our vast network of global partnerships, we offer short-travel programs in over 20 countries. Generally, we collaborate extensively with our client schools to customize our programs to meet the specific needs of each school. The following is an indicative list of our programs abroad.

  1. China: A two-week program in urban and rural China to help your students learn how a country with a rich civilization and a huge population moved to modernity.
  2. France-Netherlands-Spain: A ten-day program across three European countries for your students to immerse in arts, architecture, history and science.
  3. Tanzania: Through unparalleled immersion in wildlife at Serengeti, this program will help your students gain the powerful experience of staying in the animal kingdom.
  4. Italy-Austria-Turkey: A unique experience of visiting two Roman capitals – Istanbul and Rome – and getting to know three Austrian geniuses, Darwin, Mozart and Freud.

Programs within India: In our India programs, we offer your students the opportunity for joint community service with rural and international students in select locations within India. In addition, these programs also include Travel Adventure, Youth Exchange and Leadership Discovery modules, as outlined in our approach section.

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