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Italy - Austria - Turkey

Italy - Austria - Turkey

MindVISA uses a combination of carefully-chosen international travel and specialized pedagogy to help young minds know themselves more. (MindVISA is a travel-based education provider, and not a travel agency. Please read the About us and our Approach sections of this website).

Why Italy, Austria and Turkey?

How about peeking at Europe from the edge of Asia in Turkey, and experiencing the confluence of the east and the west like nowhere else in the world? How about visiting two Roman capitals – Istanbul and Rome – and exploring two-millennium old Aya Sophia, Coliseum, and Roman Forum? How about roaming the pebble streets of Vienna and getting to know three Austrian geniuses – Darwin, Mozart and Freud – who shaped biology, music and psychology?

We invite you to join us in experiencing the mosaic of art, history and religion. Whirl with dervishes in Blue Mosque in Istanbul, listen to the world famous opera of Vienna, do a canal tour of Venice, be dazzled by the murals of Vatican and Italian Basilicas, come face to face with Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, and get lost in Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, Naschmarkt of Vienna and street markets of Italian Piazzas. While having fun, you will also learn more about yourself – and develop critical leadership abilities – through MindVISA’s experiential learning program. (See program itinerary below)

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Places to Visit

Group Work and Special Events


  • Istanbul
  • Flight to Istanbul
  • Topkapi palace
  • Basilica cistern
  • Ayasophia church
  • Ice-breaker games
  • Self-discovery games
  • Story of Istanbul


  • Istanbul
  • Islamic arts museum
  • Bosphorus tour
  • Ortakoy mosque
  • Taksim square
  • Turkish delights and desert tasting
  • Fasil music
  • Games to observe oneself in a group setting


  • Istanbul
  • Grand bazaar
  • Sultanahmet Mosque
  • Body percussion workshop
  • Sufi dance show


  • Vienna
  • Flight to Vienna
  • St. Stephen’s cathedral
  • Museum quarter
  • Stories of three geniuses: famous Austrians
  • Opera
  • Leadership games


  • Vienna
  • Funky-looking garbage incinerator
  • Naschmarkt – large open market
  • Secession museum
  • Electricity from garbage - learning about renewal energy
  • Visioning exercises – imagining the future


  • Venice
  • Canal tour
  • San Marco basilica & square
  • Mask-making workshop



  • Florence
  • Santa Maria del Fiore basilica
  • Academy gallery
  • Jazz music night
  • Team building games



  • Florence
  • Rome
  • Uffizi gallery
  • Leonarda da Vinci museum
  • Roman Piazzas
  • Pantheon
  • Story of Leonardo da Vinci – the genius scientist, artist & architect
  • Creative problem-solving games


  • Rome
  • Coliseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Story of the Roman Empire
  • Decision-making games


  • Rome
  • The Vatican
  • Spanish stairs
  • Leadership games
  • Discussion about the journey


  • Rome
  • Flight to Mumbai