Learn in Leisure, across Borders


Our programs comprise one or more of the following four modules:

Travel Adventure: Our experiential learning approach enables our program participants to use the unfamiliar external environment to understand self and to cultivate a conscious relationship with the world.

Youth Exchange: By bringing together, and handholding, students from diverse backgrounds – foreign and local; rural and urban; rich and poor – we break the borders between young people and promote peer-to-peer understanding. In our experience, these exchanges have resulted in young people gaining life-changing perspectives about the world they live in.

Leadership Discovery: Designed by our Harvard-educated team members, this module helps our participants experientially discover, in a cross-cultural setting, how to lead.

Community Activities: Based on the location of travel, we help participants achieve deeper immersion into unknown cultures by creating opportunities for them to participate in community activities.

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Using this four-pronged approach, MindVISA seeks to achieve – and measures itself on – the following outcomes among its participants:

  1. Knowing self: An increased awareness of one's abilities; and an improvement in self-confidence to tap into one's strengths and to use it for common good.
  2. Leading others: An increased ability to mobilize others for collective actions; and an improvement in one's ability to collaborate with others in teams, and to resolve conflicts.
  3. Making decisions: An increased understanding of how to create and analyze options to make informed decisions.
  4. Knowing the world: An increased social and environmental consciousness.