Learn in Leisure, across Borders

Programs for Schools Outside India

Schools from Outside India

We design and deliver short-duration (2 to 4 weeks) and long-duration (year-long) programs in North and South India for organizations bringing young adults to India.

India Program: During our programs, young adults in cross-border teams immerse themselves in both cultural and community activities such as farming, education, ecological initiatives, and economic empowerment projects. Although young participants help the local communities by contributing to these projects, it is the participants themselves who are enriched the most. The unique peer-to-peer engagement in these projects enables participants to reflect on who they are in this cross-cultural world; and what it takes to collaborate for global common good. All through the program, we handhold participants using structured dialogues, games and activities in art, music, dance and theatre, as outlined in our approach section.

Virtual India Program: We also facilitate virtual exchange programs between foreign schools and Indian schools. Coordinated by MindVISA and simultaneously hosted within the school premises of Indian and foreign schools, these virtual sessions enable students to interact real-time with one another through the Internet.

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